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Storage Solutions Optimised for the Business

Our Storage Solutions specialists help you build an efficient storage solution on the right platform.

Which meets your needs for primary storage, backup, archiving and business continuity/disaster recovery. After positioned, our team will continuously manage and monitor your 24/7. Our expert architects apply a complete plan/build/run approach — integrating performance, security, reliability, high availability, governance and cost optimisation.

We have a highly capable team which can help you with assessment, design and architect solutions, deploy and manages storage Systems in the areas of:

Disk Storage Systems

Disk Backup Systems

Tape Drives & Blades

Backup and Archival Solutions

Virtualised and Unified Storage Solutions

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Solutions

To ensure an organization’s data security and scalability, we provide complete storage management services, including the design& implementation of SAN/NAS/DAS/Backup solutions.

Our Storage sub-system solutions range from Just a Bunch of Disk (JBOD) arrays, DAS, NAS, SAN to HPC-SAN storages.

Our storage solutions include

Virtualization solutions

Backup and recovery services

Patch management services withthe upgrading of firmware, software, and hardware

Configuring new storage to be used within the environment on a project basis

Configuration and deployment of infrastructure solutions like mirroringandreplication

Information Governance

Enterprise Content Management

Storage hardware management which includesconsistent maintenance on storage devices

Storage utilisation, monitoring, performance, availability and reporting

Data replication and provisioning of resourcesandstorage objects


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