The disruptive influence of cloud technologies is an universally acknowledged fact today with enterprises across the
globe, SMEs or large corporates are looking for ways to leverage the cloud and benefit from its advantages. The path to adoption though, still murky, close monitoring with necessary security measures are prerequisites to build customer confidence levels so that cloud technologies can be utilized to their maximum potential.

Our enterprise cloud services provide complete transformation services centered around the cloud and cloud
enabling technologies, without the associated risks – be it security, policy based or any other aspect of business.

We help global customers to accurately assess, migrate and ultimately transform their IT, by leveraging best
practices in the cloud and other related technologies.


Quadsel specializes in Annual Maintenance Services. Our service professionals are qualified in providing total maintenance services –preventive as well as out of warranty -for printers as well as servers,desktops and laptops for any hardware or software related issues. Annual maintenance services provide proper assistance in analyzing and detecting problems in the system at an early stage. We offer affordable charges for Annual Maintenance Contract Services.

Eminent Features in Annual Maintenance Contract Services

  • Analyze the defect in your printer and PC and Laptops.
  • Replace or repair the components of the system based on cost and the defined warranty.
  • Quarterly health checkup of all printers, servers and desktops.
  • Optimizing your systems effectively.

Our Engineers are equipped with all the necessary spares, tools and awareness required for effective maintenance of systems designed with most sophisticated technologies. Constant training is imparted to keep all our employees aware of latest technologies and are continuously enriched with technical updates.


Markets are constantly evolving and making completely new demands on businesses. This means that businesses need to evolve fast. One of the primary tools that is helping them with this process is digitalization. Quadsel believes that business digitalization is the key to driving IT modernization and that modernized IT is the key enable business digitalization. IT outsourcing plays a critical role in enabling this change.

Quadsel has strong competency in the field of facility management services providing the below mentioned services at all skill levels through dedicated onsite resources and on demand services.

  • Asset life cycle Management
  • Server and Storage Administration Services
  • Network Management
  • Messaging Services
  • Data Center Management
  • Security Management
  • Desktop Support Management


Quadsel leverages a 360 degree strategic relationship with HP on print and content related enterprise solutions. The relationship brings Quadsel’s expertise and leadership in infrastructure management & end-user computing together with HP best-in-class imaging & printing technology and services.

Quadsel’s Managed Print Services solution incorporates rigorous processes, a phased implementation strategy, and innovative technology in collaboration with HP. It analyzes why printing is being done, and reduces the dependence of an organization on paper, over time, by managing content.

We offer our services in the following phases:

  • Planning Phase to understand the current printing environment of the client organization. The number of users using the print services and the volume of data that is being printed in a specific time frame. This helps us devise a properly customized strategy specific to the client organization.
  • Printing Operations management for day-to-day management of the printing environment. We provide solutions for managing the print environment on the go and to properly optimize the printing volume in the organization.
  • Print Analytics This is mostly a back office function which uses analytics to understand which users and functions are using the printers the most.

What can you expect?

These are the benefits of utilizing Quadsel’s Managed Print Services:

  • Proactive and intelligent support – proactive alert monitoring reduces service calls and downtime
  • OPEX pricing
  • Security, governance and compliance

Rental Services

With Quadsel desktop computer and laptop rental, you don’t have to invest in something that will lose its value before you’ve got what you need out of it. You can pay a low monthly fee with the option to upgrade after you have met your minimum term with our Rent & Upgrade it, meaning it’s easier to test out new systems and see how you like them before you actually invest your hard-earned money and buy. If you want to keep it at the end with no further payments take advantage of our Rent & Keep it rental plan.


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