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Infrastructure consolidation benefits increase your IT efficiency, responsiveness, scalability, and cost savings


Cost Saving

Avoiding costly data center expansions

Increase in Information Technology staff productivity

Deliver new service levels to the business

Get a quicker return on your investment

To increase business&penetrate new markets

achieve better margins

Get new products to market faster

To gain a competitive edge

To become the best-in-class in the industry

Business Conglamate across all industries are reconsidering operational priorities, resulting from changing economic trends and new technologies. To support these initiatives and remain cost-effective and agile in operations many businesses are choosing to consolidate hardware, platforms, technologies, and data centers.

Using the right methodologies is critical to meet availability, scalability, security, and efficiency standards.We provide a flexible approach to consolidation that allows you to focus on a single area while establishing your foundation with a comprehensive road map to transform your data center.

Business realities dictate your choices, but now you can transform at your pace

Infrastructure consolidation

Our customers have reported 50% reduction in power, space, and cooling. They have realised 75% faster time to market. Now you can achieve as much as two times or more improvement in utilisation

Server virtualisation and consolidation

The underlying storage infrastructure isunified as part of your virtualised serversolution

NAS consolidation

Merging of individual NAS systems and file servers reduce file management complexity while increasing your storage capacity utilisation, reducing your network usage,and reducing your server load

SAN consolidation

Our SAN consolidation solutions for Fibre Channel, FCoE, and IPSAN (iSCSI) consolidate either your direct-attached storage (DAS) or your existing SANs into more efficient storage pools

Unified storage consolidation

By unifying your storage infrastructure across storage protocols and storage tiers, we deliver immense performance and cost benefits

Backup, recovery, and archiving

We can help you cure your backup, recovery,and archiving headaches. Streamlined and automated backup, recovery, and archiving processes simplify your day today management tasks and increase the accessibility and performance of your applications and systems


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