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In the current World personal computers, phones, tablets and laptops are being replaced by consumers sometimes multiple times per year leaving obsolete, broken/damaged and more often than not reusable hardware filling up our landfills and polluting the environment.E-waste is defined as electronic or electrical equipment/products that have become obsolete.

We owe it to our planet to do everything we can to reuse and responsibly recycle this waste.

We at Quadsel helps your organisation for safe recycling and disposing of your e-waste following the mandatory rules set up by CPCB and TNPCB.

The Earth Natural resources are limited; hence we make sure that we preserve &use them wisely.

Eliminate the Landfill.

Save mother earth by averting air pollution, water and soil pollution.

Generate Employment opportunity

Why Should We Recycle?

Benefits of recycling

E-waste is the secondary source of raw material


Revenue generation from recovered materials


Natural resource conservation and Reduction in environmental pollution


Employment generation


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