ISO 27001:2013 Certified & ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) by Quadsel supports organisations with a very low tolerance for the unavailable of data & business-critical structures.

We will clone your systems, storage and the installed software onto an on-premises appliance and into one of our cloud data centers. In case of an emergency, we can restart your servers locally or in our cloud, so that you can continue providing IT services to your internal and external constituents until you can safely failback. Whether if you need to recover a single file/database/a server – it is as easy as a push-of-a-single button.

We offer a full suite of disaster recovery and business continuity services across consulting,

execution, managed, and cloud-based services. We deliver a flexible consumption-based model tailored to your needs

Disaster Recovery as a Service Benefits

DR Expertise

Leverage a professional team of disaster recovery experts to plan, test and execute your Disaster Recovery strategy

Cost Control

Disaster Recovery as a Service eliminates the need to run your own DR site with dedicated staff, reduces CapEx and provides predictable OpEx costs


Protect all in your data center including virtual, physical, storage and cloud with RDX’s secure Disaster Recovery as a Service solution

Regulatory Compliance

RDX’s DR services deliver the evidence-based management you need to prove that regulations are being met


Swiftly spin up and scale environments on demand to test subsets of your systems or full production replicas, with pay-as-you-go

Quick Retrieval

Normal operations will be restored ASAP — even failovers of a whole site or selected VMs can be finished from anywhere with just a few clicks


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