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ISO 27001:2013 Certified & ISO 9001:2015 Certified



Clients can utilise the Data Centre for future necessities based on the demand from the business development with minimum disruption to the current running infrastructure


The solutions designed with numerous latest technologies and standards


The Datacentersolutions are designed based on the TIA 942 Specifications and other leading industry practices

Energy Saving And Environment Friendliness

While architecting the design,we ensure energy savings &environment friendly initiatives

Quadsel can build custom Data Center services which incorporate small to large scale data center construction based on the unique business needs.


Quadsel is expert in designing, building and operating concurrently maintainable Data Centers and then training your support staff. Our references include government organisations and enterprise companies in India and other parts of the world

First Phase: Plan

The Quadsel team analyses your requirements and creates a roadmap for the project. Deliverables for this stage:
Provide needs assessment
Identify and analyse business requirements
Check technology and solution feasibility
Create budgets

Second Phase: Design

We deliver a detailed blueprint of your Data Center
Site selection
Risk analysis
Design drawings
Understanding specifications and standards
Initiate procurement process

ThirdPhase :Build

Based on design approvals, the Quadsel team begins building the Data Center. Deliverables for this stage:
Vendor management
Procurement management
Onsite coordination
Design compliance
Time management
Risk management
Change management

Fourth Phase :Hand over

Once the Data Center is complete, a comprehensive handover process begins. Deliverables for this stage:
Integrated testing
Factory tests
Creation of knowledge base

Fifth Phase:Analyse

After the handover is complete, Quadsel continues to work with you to improve performance. Deliverables for this stage:
Infrastructure audit
Gap analysis
Risk analysis
Suggest alternate solutions

Sixth Phase:Improve

Quadsel Data Center consultants continue to support you with performance enhancements. Deliverables for this stage:
Enhancements for operational and energy efficiency
Continuous monitoring
Process improvement


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