ISO 27001:2013 Certified & ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Backup Management

Manage your risk 24/7

Our highly trained team accomplishes and monitors data 24/7. We proactively monitor every backup so that you will benefit from complete dependability of service

Ensure intelligent back-up

Protect your business-critical workloads with online application-aware backup and restore, enhancing performance and managing business risks

Backup solutions Tailored

Increase efficiencies by selecting the daily backup services you need. Our team will give you access to detailed reports, usage and billing information

Compliance demands

Quadsel practices industry standards and best practices based on ITIL service delivery guidelines, as well as ISO and IEC operational conditions to ensure high-quality operations


Data protection - Simplified

Your Data on each server is precious and is unique. Hence implementation of a well-organised backup system for data protection and continuous data availability is an absolute necessity. An ideal backup system should enable you for fast, reliable and secure access to data for restoration during tragedies

Benefits of Backup Management

Individual File Restoration

Disk Level Backup

Disaster-Proof Data

Our data backup protection experts provide multi-vendor operations& management, continuous, end-to-end information protection and disaster recovery support. Also, our advisory team helps you develop a deep understanding of your information environment to assist in lowering compliance risks and reducing costs


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